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Advertising Guidelines

In order to submit an advert to Smallholding UK yourself, you need to register for an account and login (top right).

Before submitting your advert please read…

Advertising GuidelinesCost of Advertising your Property on Smallholding UK | Why Pay?

In order for your advert to have the most impact, please consider the following points – which have all been mentioned by people in the market to buy smallholdings & equestrian properties and some are a legal requirement throughout the UK!

  • Provide floor plans of the property if possible
  • Land plans (or an aerial photograph) showing house, outbuildings, woodland, grazing, water courses etc are very useful
  • Good quality photos (as many as possible) are key to getting purchasers interested enough to consider what could be a long journey to actually view your property; also provide a video if possible. It only leads to disappointment all round if you try to ‘trick’ viewers into coming to view
  • Photo minimum size 500 x 500 px and maximum 5 MB please
  • Provide a video tour of the property if possible too
  • Someone looking for a smallholding requests: “…photos of the outside and not beds! (I’m tired of trying to see around the bed to the actual room… lol). Particularly any outbuildings and garages; often the description of outside is minimal to say the least
  • Download & complete the Law Society Property Information Form in advance, to save having to answer the same questions – about boundaries, services, planning permission, building control notices, guarantees, warranties etc – from each viewer / potential purchaser
  • Make sure you have an up-to-date Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) – this is a legal requirement. More info here on the Gov.UK website, including link to find your nearest Energy Performance assessor in England, Wales & Northern Ireland and in Scotland
  • To use an estate agent in addition to  putting an advert on Smallholding UK or not?  That is the question! Some vendors do, many do not – the choice is yours, but be aware, using an estate agent can be fraught with problems – speaking from personal experience & judging from the experiences of many other people using estate agents: here is an example of what can happen when using estate agents
  • Many, many advertisers have successfully sold their smallholding through Smallholding Wales (now Smallholding UK), without using an estate agent & the savings can be considerable:

“I think you have great web site, though I think you should consider raising your fee. I saved nearly £8,000 by not using an estate agent.”

“we tried estate agents to sell our smallholding but after many viewings from people who didn’t want a smallholding we dismissed our Estate Agents and advertised on Small-holding Wales and sold it within 3 months”

“Our buyer came from your web site, if I ever sell a house again I wont bother with an estate agent.  Thanks for your great service”

“Four months with an estate agent and not a single viewing. One month with an ad on Smallholding-Wales and 5 viewings, one very acceptable offer and as a bonus, no estate agent fees! Many thanks”

See more Testimonials..

Most importantly, Smallholding UK (incorporating Smallholding-Wales) is not an estate agent – it is simply a website where vendors can advertise & showcase their smallholding, barn / school / stable / chapel conversion or specialist equestrian property for a small fee, instead of potentially paying thousands of pounds to an estate agent, for what can sometimes be a less than satisfactory service:

NB: Please do not use ALL CAPITALS for headings or any passages of text (research has proved that the human eye reads by identifying the shape of words – words in capitals have no shape!)

If you  are unsure about placing the ad yourself, we will be happy to do it for you – just email us with the property description, images (min 500 px x 500 px), video link (youtube or vimeo) & EPC where required.

Cost of Advertising on Smallholding UK

The cost is the same whether you submit the advert yourself online or  email us the details to upload on your behalf.

For the basic (standard) listing, which now includes up to 12 photos it’s £95 (or £50 for 6 months)

For the premium listing you can have up to 30 photos and the cost is £130 (or £70 for 6 months)

NB: Images must be at least 500 px x 500 px in size, max upload size 5 MB per image

When you consider how many thousands of pounds you will save if you advertise with Smallholding UK and don’t use an estate agent, our fee is insignificant!

Your listing will need to be renewed (every 6 or 12 months) – the main reason is to prevent properties that have been sold from continuing to be advertised.  We know how frustrating it is to find a property that looks ideal for your purposes, only to find out it’s been sold – or worse still, getting no response to contact emails or phone calls because the vendors have sold & moved.

Although many vendors do advise us when they have sold the property they advertised with Smallholding UK, sadly some do not.  You will receive an email of the imminent expiry of your advert a few days before it is due to expire; the expiry date is also displayed next to the property in ‘My Properties List’ in your account; to continue advertising your property with Smallholding UK you need to log in & go to ‘Change your Package’ on the left – select a renewal package from the drop-down box.

Renewal is at a reduced fee – look for ‘renewal’ in the membership packages available when you log in to your profile.

Why pay when I can advertise for free on other websites?

By paying to advertise on our specialist website (dedicated to smallholdings, equestrian & rural properties, farms & land in UK & Eire) you are assured of a personal service & a distraction-free viewing experience for potential purchasers, since we have no need of revenue from annoying third party adverts.

Don’t forget we have over 10 years’ experience running the original Smallholding Wales website (see feedback) and we are smallholders ourselves; the original concept was instigated by the need for somewhere to advertise our own smallholding privately.

We have a proven track record of selling smallholdings & equestrian properties in Wales (see testimonials) and we have consistently high search engine rankings for relevant keywords.

Our personal service & attention to detail means that every advert is

  • professionally proof-read
  • suitably formatted
  • continuously optimised for search engines
  • regularly promoted on Facebook & Twitter

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