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Wind Turbine 36V 700w

Posted by SHUK Classified on February 27, 2021

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This is a wind turbine that stands about 7m high, with a blade span of 2.7m. It comes with an 36V inverter. The turbine produces 3 phase AC which the inverter then converts to 36v DC. Also included is a charge controller which charges a battery bank. My battery bank was a 24v battery bank which gives slightly better power output than using a 36v battery bank.

I had to dismantle it as I live in a residential area and the turbine was too noisy. I did buy some quieter blades, but I have never used them.

The turbine has been dismantled and unused for about 10 years now, but there is no reason why it should not work.  Hampshire area of England.

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