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Natural non-chemical worming /anti-parasitic products for all farm & domestic animals, pets, poultry

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Wales; England; Scotland; Ireland; N. Ireland
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As more and more animals become resistant to chemical wormers, horse, goat, sheep, cattle & dog owners are successfully using natural alternatives such as Diatomaceous Earth and the very popular Four Seasons Anti-Parasitic herbal & homeopathic combination.

Four Seasons is just one dose once a month and is a safe and natural herbal & homeopathic combination to discourage internal parasites; suitable for all animals including pregnant & nursing mothers and poultry.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) has been ADAS trialled and approved for insect control and as a feed additive - it needs to be given to the animal for 3 weeks out of 4. Premium amorphous food grade diatomaceous earth from plant derived diatomite rock, with unique properties DE-signed by nature to help reduce parasites without chemicals!

DE is an 'organic’ approved feed additive for sheep, lambs, cattle, poultry, racing pigeons, alpacas, llamas, pigs, horses, caged birds, dogs, cats and some other domestic pets. Helps to maintain good hoof, skin and coat condition, sheep/alpaca fleece quality, weight gain and reduced worm burdens in ruminants (ADAS trialled). Improves dairy cow milk yield, poultry feathers, egg output and shell quality.

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