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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

How do I advertise my smallholding?

  1. Click ‘Login‘ top right & then ‘Register here!’ Select User Type “User
  2. Select package from drop-down link “See Available Packages and Payment Methods” (NB: packages show, for example, GBP 70 / 6 months; the package fee covers until sold, however a small admin fee  (£5) is payable every 6 months to keep your advert fresh)
  3. Pay using Paypal or bank transfer BACS
  4.  Select “+ Add new property”, provide description, tick available amenities & upload images, floor plans, video if available
  5. Click ‘Add Property’ & your property advert will be reviewed and published ASAP

Alternatively, email all the details, photos & EPC to us and we will be delighted to upload the advert on your behalf

See also Advertising Guidelines

If you want to place a classified ad, go here

How do I renew my smallholding / equestrian / barn / rural property ad & why do I need to?

  1. Log in to your account by clicking on ‘Submit Property’ (or cogs icon on mobile / tablet) top right
  2. Click on “See Available Packages and Payment Methods”
  3. Select “Renew Premium Ad” or “Renew Standard Ad” depending on the number of images in your advert
  4. Pay by Paypal or bank transfer

There are two main reasons we ask you to renew:

  1. It’s a gentle reminder that maybe you have done some improvements or decorating since you first placed your advert?  In which case you may want to upload some new photos, delete some older ones & update the description.  You may also wish to think about revising the price, especially if you want to stimulate more interest.
  2. We are very conscious of keeping our website fresh & up-to-date for our visitors – your potential purchasers; once a property is sold, sometimes SHUK is low down on the list of people to inform and there’s nothing worse than finding your ideal smallholding and then to be told – “oh it’s sold!” – or even worse, not getting any response to emails & phone calls

There is just an admin fee of £5 (£6 for premium ad) to pay to renew your advert and help keep your advert and our website, up-to-date and appealing.

Can I place a property ad in the Classified section?

Yes, there is a ‘property’ category in the classified section – it is a simpler & cheaper way of advertising your property, but you won’t get the ‘slide show’ of images, the long formatted description or the Facebook & Twitter promotion that our standard & premium property adverts get.

You can place a ‘property wanted’ ad free in the classified section.

To place a classified ad, go here

How do I save a property search?

Firstly you need to sign up for an account and be logged in before searching.  NB: for some reason, although it is possible to register for an account on an iPad, it appears that it is not possible to login on an iPad (we are looking into this).

Then, go to the search page & select the type of property – Smallholding, Equestrian etc from the tabs along the top.

Select ‘for rent’, ‘for sale’, etc from the Actions drop-down menu

Select any other criteria from the remaining drop-down boxes (eg minimum acreage, area, minimum bedrooms etc) that are relevant to your search.

Click ‘Search’ and from the next page, you will have the option to give the search a name (for your reference) and then to save it.  Once you have saved a search you will receive an email whenever an advert for a property matching your criteria is published.

To access your saved searches go to your profile page and the link to your saved searches is on the left.

Can I advertise privately with Smallholding UK as well as with an Estate Agent?

The short answer is yes, you can – for the long answer, carry on reading…

Definitions of ‘Sole Agency’ & ‘Sole Selling Rights’

Sole agency

The estate agent you appoint is the only agent with the right to sell your property. As you are not an agent, if you find a buyer yourself [for example by placing an advert in a newspaper or on a web site such as Smallholding UK] you don’t have to pay the estate agent’s commission. You may still have to pay for advertising or a ‘For Sale’ board though.

Sole selling rights

The estate agent is the only person with the right to sell your property. It differs from sole agency in that if you find a buyer yourself, you still have to pay the estate agent [maybe suggest to the agent that he pays for your listing on Smallholding UK!]

Here are some links to websites with more information on this topic:

Money Saving Expert Forum

Home Owners Alliance

My Property Guide – The Agency Agreement

The Guardian Money – Caught in sole agent trap

The Property Ombudsman – Sole Selling Rights

The Resolver – Sole Agency Period

I'm an estate agent, how do I advertise with Smallholding UK?

  1. Click ‘Login‘ top right & then ‘Register here!’ Select User Type “Agency” (needs approval before you can proceed)
  2. Select package from dropdown “See Available Packages and Payment Methods”
  3. Pay using Paypal or bank transfer
  4.  Select “+ Add new property” and fill in all the information
  5. Click ‘Add Property’ & your property advert will be approved and published

What are the latest regulations regarding an EPC?

The regulations have now changed so that all that is required in your advert is a statement of the energy performance rating of the building from A+ to G.  There is provision for you to select your property’s energy rating (energy class) in the ‘Property Details’ section which is then displayed at the bottom of the property description.  The requirements relating to making your EPC available at other times still remain.

It is up to you whether to upload the EPC pdf to your advert as well as selecting the energy performance rating letter in the energy class section of the property details.

See Advertising Guidelines for more information about how to find an energy assessor; how to check the validity of an EPC is on our links page.

I'm confused about property size / number of rooms; please explain...

Heading  ‘ under ‘Listing Details‘ when submitting a property

– this is the square metre size of the actual dwelling – you can find it on your EPC as ‘Total Floor Area’ – input numbers only please.  It is important to enter this value, since it is one of the things used by the ‘compare properties’ feature.  It appears as ‘Property Size‘ under the Details tab of each property when viewing the site as a visitor.

Heading  ‘Rooms under ‘Listing Details‘ when submitting a property

– this is the number of ‘reception’ rooms in the dwelling, which excludes bathrooms & bedrooms.  Usually a kitchen, cloakroom or utility room is not regarded as a room for this purpose, since it isn’t where you would ‘receive’ guests.  Rooms which are generally regarded as ‘reception rooms’ are living room, lounge, sitting room, dining room, drawing room, study.  In an open-plan arrangement, where kitchen, dining & lounge are one large room, this would be counted as one room and where a kitchen is a large room with dining facilities this could then be regarded as a reception room.

I've edited my ad and now it's disappeared...

Each time you edit your advert it has to be re-published by admin.  Although we endeavour to re-publish as soon as we can, there will be times when we are not physically able to do it as quickly as we (and you) would like.

The best way to achieve no downtime of your advert at all, is to email us with details of the amendments you wish to make to your ad and/or photos you wish to add or swap and we will do the update for you.

Can I advertise the same property for sale and to let?

Yes, there are two ways of doing this.

  1. You can have just one advert and have the same advert listed in both ‘for sale’ & ‘for rent’; however you will only be able to attribute one status (the label that appears on the ad) to it (either ‘for sale’ or ‘for rent’) and you can only put either the sale or rental price in the price section.  Choose either Standard Ad or Premium Ad, depending on how many photos you want to include.
  2. To take full advantage of advertising the same property for both sale & rent, you can submit 2 adverts, one specifically for rent and one for sale, with the relevant prices – purchase price or per calendar month (pcm) price.
    NB: Please make sure that, if using the same images for the property for the sale ad & the for rent ad, you upload them each time, rather than select existing images from media gallery.

How does 'compare properties' work?

All properties in a list (as a result of a search, or the ‘Properties for Sale / Rent‘ list or the ‘Property List with Half Map‘ have a + sign and if you hover over it, it says ‘add to compare’.

If you click on the + icon, you can compare up to 4 properties from the list.  Once you’ve selected the properties you wish to compare, scroll up to the top of the list and you will see thumbnails of the properties you’ve selected and the Compare button.  Clicking on the Compare button will produce a full page comparing the size, acreage, number of beds, baths, amenities & features of the selected properties.

How can I promote my property advert myself?

There are lots of ways you can actively promote your advert. Each advert has icons to share via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest (just under the ‘add to favourites’ button).

You could also make a simple poster by clicking on the ‘print’ button (immediately before the Facebook icon) and select just the first page (change ‘pages – all’ to ‘page 1’ in the print dialogue) – don’t forget to add your contact details!

The print button can also be used to make a brochure of your property for those potential purchasers who contact you asking for printed details – of course they can do this for themselves if they have a printer, you may just need to direct them to the printer icon on your advert.

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